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1. N, A mix between spoiled and little shit. Usually associated teenagers.

2. Someone who over spends to compensate for lack of ability.

Synonyms: Brat, Lil'shit, Spoiled, Mammas Boy.
My freinds such a Spoililshit; his parents bought him an M3 after he crashed his Cobra.
by GuessWho April 25, 2004
An exclamation of excitement or victory. Normally following a happy event involving video games or food.
"Gerr! Mini tacos!"
by GuessWho March 18, 2003
Noun. Timberwolf - Barks like a tree. It is the result of alot of alcohol, marijuana, and hard work getting a dog to crossbread with a tree. This aptly named "Timberwolf" has humanlike characteristics, and likes to post on messageboards such as the infamous "Xenosaga/RPG-XS" and often has homosexual tendencies.
Adj. Timberwolf - To have timberwolf/Tim characteristics.
Adj. Man thats timberwolf.
Noun. I saw a timberwolf humping my leg today.
by GuessWHo July 31, 2003
slang in the nmh class of '08 for a korean boy, infamous for having broken his computer while jacking off.
Didja hear why Fake Dennis doesn't have a roomie anymore?
by guesswho March 06, 2005
Clanus Leaderus publicus communitus
Generous soul devoted to bringing the adult *cough* people together in the world of online gaming.

Also the 1337 Call of Duty Gamer
PUB|DM pwns u

u got pwned by PUB|DM AvE iT!!!

cus i is sexeh
by guesswho January 02, 2005
the coolest girl of the planet.
joono is the coolest girl of the planet
by guesswho June 24, 2003
When semen comes out a chick's nose.
You know it.
by guesswho January 11, 2004
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