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Work out penis is found in it's natural territory at the campus gym and often causes women to drool over an/or stalk it for pleasure.
"Jen likes work out penis"
by GuessWho October 13, 2003
a poker obssesed washingtonian nerd. also known as scottie bo bottie. an idiot
fucking blackknight foo
by guesswho December 21, 2004
When Fiz goes extremely crazy in the Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta AIM chat, this is a phrase she oftens says.
by GuessWho March 28, 2004
Penis that is found in it's natural habitat, the ice rink. Many female hockey players and fans dwell over this species of penis in hopes they may see it. Most hockey penis is outdated though, meaning its old and wrinkly.
Look at that hockey penis, too bad it's steve's.
by GuessWho October 13, 2003
A simple phrase to say in an awkward situation.
Your sitting in a car with someone else in it and it is silent..

..all of a sudden you let out a fart..

You say: Narb..
by GuessWho August 16, 2004

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