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1 definition by Gruff

Noun - chap: act of humiliation through
(i) violence - e.g. beat (through violence), hit, strike, kick, punch, slap, stab etc.
(ii) competition - e.g. beat (through victory), piss-on
(iii) personal indiscretion - e.g. hurting oneself, crash

Noun - The Chap: The best, the Shit, the Dog's Bollocks etc.

Noun - Jackie (Chapper): person (sometimes the word Chapper is ommitted but should be included)

Noun - Reet Jackie Chapper: cool person

Explitive - "Chap!": usually used by an observer to another party's personal injury or misfortune.

Verb - to chap: to beat, as in any of the contexts of the noun.

Verb - to chap: to go, to come (non-sexual), to walk, to drive, to move or to travel in general

Verb - to chap: to throw, to give, to pass

Adjective - chapping: moving, fast

Phrase - "Chapping on by": chilling, cool cruising
"Chap him!"
"Stop chapping me! I'm getting chapped!"
"I chapped him good and proper."
"I just chapped myself on that rake."
"It wasn't my fault - he just chapped into me!"
"That burger was the Chap!"
"Chap over here."
"Chap me that hammer."

"I had just chapped off the motorway and was chapping on by like a Reet Jackie Chapper, when some Jackie (Chapper) nearly chapped into me. I swerved and chapped the lamp-post and chapped myself on the steering wheel."
"Ha ha! Chap!"
by Gruff April 09, 2008
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