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When 2 people share a twin bed and the larger one sleeps on the bottom and the smaller is laying on top of the larger person.
Jack and coach Sandusky did a Sandusky Bunkbed.
by Growit5inches4free November 25, 2011
Somebody who hasn't hit puberity that are in there middle or late teens. See Late Bloomer.
JB FAN: Isn't he cute?
Gal with common sense: Um, looks like a Bieber Bloomer.
by Growit5inches4free June 14, 2011
When your in 8th-12th grade you hang out with kids your own age but you always got one friend who you don't like much and he's a grade lower then you, you call him The Gayness.
Joe: Are you coming to the party?
Bill: Maybe, who's going?
Joe: Ron, Mack, Jose, Robert and the Gayness
by Growit5inches4free October 04, 2011
This can be any cuss word. X means it can be F, B or anything.
Bill: Oh FUC*!!
John: You said the X-Word!
by Growit5inches4free October 04, 2011
Bob: Hey Marty! Wanna do some backyarding?
Marty: No i'm too much of a Curran / Chicken
by Growit5inches4free June 14, 2011

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