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A mid-sized suburban town in Central Indiana that serves as the county seat for Hamilton County. Founded in 1823, Noblesville has a quaint, authentic downtown with old shops and a large, 19th century courthouse. Noblesville has experienced significant growth in the past decade as the area in and around develops. The Noblesville High School mascot is the Millers.

Get at it.
Fact: Noblesville is the greatest town in Central Indiana.
by Grouchomarxx March 30, 2011
a) an exclamation used when one is flustered and/or upset

b) a sword that is peerless in comparison to other weapons like it
"I just failed 3 tests and got by butt wrecked in Call of Duty... Eff sword!"

"I bought an eff sword at the medieval weapons show
by grouchomarxx December 13, 2010
The walking motion used when one sharts themselves. The buttcheeks are squeezed closer to each other to prevent further underwear contamination breaches and the walking style resembles that of the film legend charlie chaplin.
Dude, don't eat the roadt beef, it have me the shits. I ended up sharting myself and had to charlie chaplin it home and change my underwear.
by GrouchoMarxx July 14, 2015
A vagina that is so big, wide, and full of disease that if a man stuck his Mr. Happy in there it would come out glowing. Upon entering the Mordor vag one has the possibility of being trampled by escaping orcs.
Dude, I was with Sylvia last night, total Mordor Vag, I had to go to the clinic to get checked, and i still have bruises from the fleeing orcs.
by GrouchoMarxx February 20, 2014
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