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Metro fail is derived from a company which runs the public train network in Melbourne. Due to the fact they are constantly late, delayed, trains canceled. And when they do come they are over packed.

So metro got the nick name fail. Then after that, the term 'Metro Fail' arose which has taken a similar meaning to 'Epic Fail' (or to fail really badly) The word is commonly used on instant messaging and social networking websites.
You mean it was a metro fail?
by GriefingSwagPyro November 12, 2010
The Failmax is a particular model of HP laptop with seriously fails, as soon as you unplug the charger if your doing anything decent on it it turns off. The keyboard also fails and feels like its about to fall apart
Must be a HP Failmax then
by GriefingSwagPyro June 06, 2010
Someone who constantly ditches on their friends in favor of putting up instagram photos of band members and using old school keyboards which sound like type writers.
**loud typing**
Pyro: 'Dude your keyboard is insanely loud'
Char: 'NO ITS NOT'
Cam: 'You gonna come grief with us?'
Pyro: 'You're such a ditcherhipster!'
Char: 'NO IM NOT'
by GriefingSwagPyro November 10, 2013
Acronim for 'on my god, what the fuck, barbeque'

Originaly came up in a computer game called TF2
lets go and have a omgwtfbbq
by GriefingSwagPyro June 06, 2010
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