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A term created by Mana Sama. It means a place of great beauty, contentment, and darkness.

Mana's statement: "Xanadu means utopia. Dix comes from Moi Dix Mois. I wanted to create this utopia, that Moi Dix Mois has passed on five years now. Because of that, i mixed these two words, which became DIXANADU."

It is the name of Moi Dix Moi's album.
Members: seth, sugiya, hayato, K, and MANA.
"welcome to the garden of dixanadu."
by Gremlin of the forest March 13, 2008
Japanese musician who has previously worked with Moi Dix Mois, Hizaki Grace Project, and as a solo artist. He discontinued his plan to start a new band, called Seventh sense with Kazuno, the former bassist member of Moi Dix mois, because he is retiring from the music business. His vocals are..only one way to put it, beautiful, and melodic with heavy neoclassical jrock and french baroque/pop themes.

Hobby: lurefishing
Weight: 54 kg (119 lb.)
Height: 1800 mm
Blood type: A
Fangirl yelp: "Juka come back to moi dix mois!"

Fanboy yelp: "Juka i want your panties!!"
by Gremlin of the forest March 13, 2008
Means 10. Dix is a philosophy created by Mana, leader of Moi Dix Mois. It represents "1" meaning his start of something new, and "0" which represents his vision as a universal artist. Thus, "Dix" which translates literally to 10 in french, is essentially a philosophy, hence "Moi Dix Mois" (me ten months) which has an important meaning to Mana Sama and all Dixtors of the world.
"Dix love!" Said the Dixtor of Dixanadu. XD
by Gremlin of the forest March 27, 2008

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