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A higher tier of drinking buddy. Promote your best drinking buddies to this status when they have singlehandedly cleaned up after everyone, carried you, kept with you through absurd benders, offered to be your wingman, covered your tab, gotten you out of serious jams with the police, et cetera. You can also promote just to distinguish the few good pals from the other 95% of douche bags that you end up drinking with. Use at your own discretion.
You: Man you were clutch last night. Thanks for being my wingman and taking care of my beers. I knight thee, drinking ALLY!

Ally: I'm honored. So, when do we drink again?
by GregTheDrinker August 28, 2008
Where you arise and are drunk from 10 to noon. You have to be tanked by noon, or the name is useless. Everyone should drink during the day atleast once, and this is a solid start. Everyone needs to start somewhere, but if you think that this is your penultimate, crowning achievement in drinking you are a hack. The lesser of its two brothers, the 'Rise and Souse' and the mighty 'Early Bird.'
You: So I got up this morning and got to work on my bottle. An 'AM attack' sure helps with the laundry!

Short, talking pedestal: Uh, buddy, you need to be in a car to be in the drive thru. Leave or come in to order.

You: Right on.
by GregTheDrinker August 28, 2008
A solid boozing achievement. Its when you wake up and get drunk within 7-9 AM, continuing to complete an entire day, finishing when you would normally go to sleep on a drinking day. This is between the superlative 'Early Bird' and the lesser 'AM attack'.
You: Last weekend was nuts. I decided to attempt a 'Rise and Souse' and my liver still hasnt forgiven me.

Angry Shaman: You pissed on the earth-spirit forty times that day. It is not pleased with you.

You: Right on.
by GregTheDrinker August 28, 2008
The ultimate way to start an all-day binge. Refers to being up and drunk within 4-6 AM and staying up for the entire day (until you would normally go to bed on a drinking day, sometimes taking you to 24 hours). Make sure you have atleast 1 great drinking ally or several drinking buddies for this veritable marathon of booze. Its lesser relatives are the 'Rise and Souse' and the 'AM attack'
You: I had a killer Saturday, it was a bonafide Early Bird. 24 hours of heavy drinking insanity.

Well-Informed Cockney Englishman: Remarkable! Nothin like getting shined to the tits, eh? Right proper job mate, you flunk your booze like a reg'lar champine.

You: Right on.
by GregTheDrinker August 28, 2008

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