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A cooler alternative to using the word dank. It means high quality and potent marijuana. The best kind to get high with.
That weed is so dank-o-licious that I took one hit of that shit and I was seeing dinosaurs.
by Greg Treebury November 12, 2005
A drug dealer. Refers to the dream like state in which drugs put one after one smokes, snorts, injects, swallows, or freebases said drugs.
Oh my god, that funky ass shit my dream seller sold me was super duper dank-o-licious.
by Greg Treebury November 12, 2005
Adjective used to describe someone you would like to have sex with. Generally a sexy and attractive person.
Will: Did you see how hot that chick was?
Bill: Yeah, she was bangtacular.
by Greg Treebury November 09, 2005
A yeast infection on the tip of your penis. Generally contracted after having intercourse with an infected woman.
Man, I can't believe you banged Peggy the Prostitute. Now, you have a serious biscuit head.
by Greg Treebury July 23, 2005
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