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A sexual position that, when successfully achieved, results in universal bragging rights.

While fornicating with a young woman, pull her to the edge of the bed in a missionary position, with legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Proceed to enter her while standing on the floor to get her and yourself limbered up, which will be necessary to achieve the position.

Instruct your sexual teammate to anchor herself to the bed by reaching behind her head and latching the sheets, and proceed to step one foot all the way up on the mattress. Once balanced, make an athletic leap and place your second food up on the edge of the bed. Your man ass should now be gloriously fluttering 4-6 feet above floor level, depending on your mattress height, while your legs should have achieved an extremely low sumo-style squat. Your partners legs will be poking into the air and can be grabbed for balance and more control, similar to the levers used to control a construction crane.

The position is named "Daddy Long legs" due to the mass of tangled arms and legs now jiggling in the air, while your ass is dancing up and down as you struggle against gravity and mattress springs while trying to impress your date.
Well I tried the daddy long legs but the girl's grip wasn't tight enough when I went to plant the second leg. My other foot slipped and my still-inserted penis acted as a medieval trebuchet and launched us both into the wall behind me.
by GreenEggsNGraham August 08, 2011
A person who does everything in their power to creep on and eventually force you or a friend unwillingly into a non consensual relationship.
"I've been talking to Lauren a lot...and I think I just want to be friends...she seems to have other things in mind. I feel like I'm going to be walking in some dark alley and she will leap out of the shadows, forcing me into a meaningless relationship. Such a Relapist.
by GreenEggsNGraham August 07, 2008
When you become so unbearably horny at the sight of the beautiful new hostess (or anyone, for that matter), that you invite them into the freezer, linen closet, bathroom, etc, and fuck their brains out during the shift
She was lookin` hot, so I took her into the freezer and gave that girl some mid-shift shaft between the chicken and the creamer.
by GreenEggsNGraham November 09, 2008
1. Adj - The state of old people when them dern kids are on their lawn

2. N - Pitiful attemps at character assasination.

3. N - A unnecessarily bad attitude, even for an old person.
Billiam: "Anyone who expects me to actually put a penny INTO the 'Take a Penny/Leave a Penny jar is clearly a socialist!"

Orpheous: "You are so McCainal, brother."
by GreenEggsNGraham November 04, 2008
The act of ultra-oral stimulation during phone sex. When one person becomes so excited by the drrty words being told, they proceed to lick the receiver enthusiastically, while the other person moans realistically and (optional!) holds the phone to different areas of the body.
"Jennie sounded so hott over the phone, I couldn't help myself. I admit it, I gave her phone-alingus. My mom uses that phone..."
by GreenEggsNGraham November 11, 2008
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