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Linguasphere (it seems intuitively obvious, doesn’t it?) refers to that realm of existence composed entirely of language. It does this in the same way that "atmosphere" or "blogosphere" do for their constituent parts. Right now "linguasphere" is used as a technical term almost exclusively by a Quebecois linguistics outfit intent on cataloguing all the world’s languages (The Linguasphere Observatory), but its usefulness is hard not to appreciate. Linguasphere can also be used to describe the broad language realm of a particualar language, e.g., "the Italian linguasphere."
"So I framed the word in my mind and then released it into the linguasphere."

"People are getting so sloppy about what they say that it's time we cleaned up the linguasphere."

"That word floats high in the the English linguasphere."
by Grebdehrm November 20, 2013
Just like telephony, which is defined as “ the working of a telephone or telephones,” cellephony ( or alts. celluphony or cellaphony) refers to the whole world of cellular telephones, cellular communications devices, and cellular telephone technology.
The company wants to extend its reach into the realm of cellephony.

“Cellephony is god’s gift to the bored and the ignored.”

“To succeed in business today, one must be an adept cellephonist.”
by Grebdehrm January 28, 2015
insane asylum, mental institution
"Sally ought to be put away in a laughing academy."

(From the 1940 Hal Roach comedy Turnabout based on a short story by Thorne Smith.)
by Grebdehrm January 18, 2015

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