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A mysterious epic guy who is extremely good at video games and has a nice smile

The cooler form of the name "Austin"

The guy you wish you were like but aren't

A great Troll and undefeatable
GreatGmaezLps: Why is he trolling me so hard?

SkittleGamer9: He's just an Auston
by GreatGamezLPS May 28, 2013
A guy who wants control over everyone and everything, especially the Super Logic Gamers.

He is in love with a boy named Jackzel.

He begs for fame and fortune although it never works out.

He secretly masterbates to KFC, Pizza Hut, and Geer of GameTroops.

Doesn't give a flying fuck about people.

Is a very gay faggot.
MegamanNG: Wow that guy is being quite the dickhead!

Masterlink40: He's such a Jesse...
by GreatGamezLPS May 28, 2013

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