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A greaser is a person, male or female, who is fascinated with, interested in, embodies or eminates style and/or fashion of the rebellious American youth of the 1950's and early 60's, pyschobilly, rock n' roll, and rockabilly music, classic cars and trucks, muscles cars, older films, and other nostalgic items.

A greaser is someone with a passion for America's classic era and lead an exciting lifestyle.

Greasers tend to wear clothes like white or black tee shirts, sometimes with rolled up sleeves, cuffed Levi's 501, 505, 511 or other jeans, Converse All Stars (usually black or white), brothel creepers, leather jackets, chino/windbreaker jackets, denim jackets or vests, chain wallets, leather belts, Dickies work shirts and work trousers, and flannel shirts.

Modern brands like Lucky 13, Kruse, Felon, Dirty Devil, Sacred Steel, Dickies, Daddy-O's, and Woody's Retro Clothing are all great clothing sources for men to get the greaser look.

Girls, try Lucky 13, Felon, Infectious Threads and Dirty Devil. There are other good choices, you just have to know where to look.

Greasers generally slick back their hair in a Folsom-style haircut, pompadour, waterfall, quiff, Ducktail (also known as a Duck's Ass or D.A.). Pomade (also known as pomatum) or Vitalis is used to style the hair. Favorited pomade brands include Layrite, Murray's (my favorite personally), and Brylcreem.

Greaser girls do pomps and poofs, or have shorts A cuts. Hair dye is popular, usually black with a blonde or other colored stripe at the top. Take Patricia Day's hair for example, thats downright greaser girl status.

Greasers, especially myself, like American cars made before 1975. They cost quite a sum of money if they are fully restored, so your best bet is to comb through the junkyard or search around for a decent classic for a project. Some other cars, like the German-made old Volkswagen Beetles, VW Karmann Ghias, or VW Squarebacks, are acceptable. They don't cost quite as much.

Geez, Timmy is such a greaser!
by GreaserGuy20320 June 03, 2009

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