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3 definitions by Graybeard

A forensic pathologist who performs autopsies. After the organs are removed from the thoracic and abdominal cavities, what's left somewhat resembles a canoe.
"Gertrude, whose heretofore delicate beauty had ceased to continue living a few hours prior to the arrival of Inspector Lee Xiong 'Rusty' Fong, lay peacefully now among the daffodils and butterflies -- as well as among abundant evidence of foul play. Though Inspector Fong suspected he knew which wound would prove to be the fatal one -- that being the one that put two meters' distance between Gertrude's fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae -- he knew, nonetheless, that this was a case for the canoe-maker, Dr. Penelope 'Chui' Frankelburger."
by Graybeard October 01, 2006
5 2
Emergency medical services slang for "dead later on".

c.f., DRT
"Dude, that was one mega-wreck! We had one DRT, and the other three were DLO after the Doc got finished with 'em!"
by Graybeard October 01, 2006
10 9
n. The crew from either the coroner's office or the funeral home who go out and pick up corpses.
"Frieda presented to the E.R. with vague, flu-like symptoms, for which the E.R. doctor treated her vigorously, bringing to bear all of his august knowledge and skill, after which, the Bod Squad hauled her off for autopsy."
by Graybeard October 01, 2006
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