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Stands for Hannans Hash House Harriers. The Greatest Hash club on the planet. The IV is actually Roman numerals for the number 4.
Hey Cockers are you going to H.IV tonight?.

You bet! It's a special run and there's bound to be Skimpies.
by Grant Wholey April 10, 2008
Acconym for Cunt Of A Thing. Used to discribe an annoying person or object.
Turn that COAT off said Sean as the musical toy was driving him crazy.

Or That COAT Sally would stop calling me last night. she needs to get a life!
by Grant Wholey November 26, 2007
Someone who comes home late at night after a drinking session to find their partner has once again locked them out of the bedroom.
A play on the word locksmith
The COCKSMITH slept on the couch after he failed to open the bedroom door.
by Grant Wholey September 12, 2007

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