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A sex act wherein a person urinates on their partner in a public park.
(Jolly Holiday, from the Mary Poppins broadway musical)
"Let's go for a jaunty saunter,
You are bound to make your mark!
Looks like all of you were born to
take a promenade in the park!"
by Grank April 04, 2011
The act of attempting to preemptively manage or deflect a possible negative response from the other party, usually in such an obvious manner as to ironically be really annoying to the other party anyway.
"Can you take the kids to soccer practice while I clean the bathroom and cook dinner?" (the unnecessary and bitchy while-clause is prepologism for the possible "why can't YOU take the kids to soccer practice?" response)
by Grank June 18, 2008
"Liked For Truth". Same as QFT but used on Facebook. You think the previous comment left on a Facebook thread is valid and want to emphasize it, but don't have anything more to add, so you click the Like button, and then put "^LFT" as a comment underneath it. (Add the appropriate number of ^ signs if it's not the last comment.)
Person A: The Internet has lots of slang and abbreviations.

(Liked by you)

You: ^LFT
by Grank December 07, 2010

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