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The Commonwealth of Virginia is a southern state with a highly diverse population. The inhabitants are largely technocrats, rednecks and otakus, or some combination thereof. Northern Virginia tends to identify more with DC than the Commonwealth as it is the home of the civil servants and bureaucrats that run the federal government. Although distinct regions have their own identities, people of all types listed above can be found all over the State.

The Commonwealth was an important player in national politics for the first 100 years of the USA’s existence, being the birthplace of several notable Presidents and other national leaders. In the Civil War, Virginia joined the Confederacy and became the site of many of the war’s most important battles and the Confederate capital.

Today, Virginia is part of the South that is rising again, at least in terms of high-tech industry.
What would Stonewall Jackson think of Inuyasha? Only someone in Virginia would conceive of such a question. Scary. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.
by Grand Admiral Thrawn July 11, 2005
A voluntary tax that is quite popular, usually used for education. The Idiot Tax may be paid in $1, $2, $5 or $10 increments but combinations are possible. The greater the idiot one is, the greater the tax one pays. Idiot Tax receipts can be scratch-off or have a combination of numbers. Also known as the lottery.
There are poeple who come into the store who pay $50-60/week in Idiot Tax.
by Grand Admiral Thrawn December 30, 2004
The iRiot was an event that took place on August 16, 2005 in Henrico County, Virginia. The county schools decided to get new computer systems and the four year old iBooks were to be sold off to county residents for $50.

The machines were first com first serve and by the time the gates opened, thousands were waiting. In the resulting chaos many were injured and the incident made national news.
I went to the iRiot to get a $50 iBook, but all I got was kicked in the balls.
by Grand Admiral Thrawn May 09, 2006
Something the Confederate States of America would be self-sufficient in were it still around.
If gas goes up to $4/ gallon, we'll have another civil war.
by Grand Admiral Thrawn April 01, 2005

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