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An oxymoron. Before one receives a degree, one is an undergraduate (has not graduated). Upon receiving a degree that person becomes a graduate, therefore one can't hold a degree and be an undergraduate. Degrees earned after ones bacelor degree are called graduate degrees, which seems to have led to the mistaken notion that a bachelor degree should be called an "undergraduate degree".
He graduated last year with an undergraduate degree.
by grammarnut December 13, 2010
The belief system that embraces the following tenets:

1. All Republicans are always right about everything.

2. All Democrats are always wrong about everything.

3. Anyone who disagrees with me about anything is an idiot and hates America.

4. I get to decide for everyone what it means to be conservative, even if the issue at hand has nothing to do with conservatism/liberalism.

5. Any facts that are in conflict with my opinion are lies from the liberal media.

The opposite of thoughtful discourse. See Beckism.

Similar to McCarthyism. Simply substitute "Liberal" for "Communist".
The oversimplification of any opinion is typical of Limbaughism.
by GrammarNut October 18, 2010
The plural of medium. It should never be used as a singular. The sentence "The media is biased" is grammatically similar to "The dogs is barking" or "The children is playing". Radio is a communications medium, a newspaper is a medium, etc. Collectively they are called "The Media".
The media are biased.
DVD and Blu-Ray are my favorite video media.
by GrammarNut October 18, 2010
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