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A female(or male I suppose) who loves to give head and does it often.
Eric : "Andrew, I'm going over to Bre's to hang out with Karen this weekend."

Andrew : "Are you going to get your squirt?"

Eric : "I'm not sure. Hopefully she is a Skully Monster and likes to give head, because I am holding off on the sex."

Andrew : "Yea that's cool, just as long as you get your squirt."
by GormsMyGorms March 09, 2009
Those select few people who cannot control their actions after or during consumption of alcoholic beverages. They are capable of anything from a simple drunk text or phone call to a vigorous dance move putting an entire bar/establishment in awe. It is even possible that they could randomly hook up with any member of the same and or opposite sex and tightly grip an innappropriate area for no reason at all. These types of people are to be shunned and ignored at all costs, or it could be the last sight of your life.
Eric : "Dude, look at those girls outside Phoggy Dog. WTF are they doing?"

Bryan : "Isn't that Special K and E.W.? I thought the bar got a restraining order on them for the craziness they caused last time?"

Eric : "Fuckin night crazies, man. Let's get out of here, quick!"
by GormsMyGorms October 28, 2009
The act of getting so many members of the opposite sex to do things your way, it amazes even yourself. However, you cannot lie to them. Stretching the truth is allowed.
Bob - "I can't believe you got Jennifer, Melissa AND Jody to come over exactly an hour apart. And they actually think you are going to watch a T.V. show."

Eric - "Well I will be watching T.V... among other things ;)"

Bob - "You totally just pulled a Gorm."
*possible high fives*
by GormsMyGorms January 25, 2009
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