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4 definitions by Goose-Uk

Often used to go to USA to the UK, and vice versa. Basically, an other word for the Atlantic Ocean

"I'm going across the pond in February, it'll be great!"
by Goose-UK April 30, 2008
72 5
After you have been smoking some weed/draw/chronic you get desert mouth

Also known as dry mouth / cotton mouth
'I have a bad case of desert mouth'
by Goose-Uk April 24, 2008
6 1
Another name for the police, coming from 'feds'
'Oh shit, the fedders are over there!'
by Goose-Uk April 23, 2008
1 3
To be 'bare stoned'

To have been smoking 'marijuana'

'Man i am so lean'
'I'm quite lean man!'
by Goose-Uk April 22, 2008
112 247