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When 3 naked children poo on the kitchen floor and make a slide out of it.
Sick i walked in on my sisters kids making a shit'n'slide the other day, sicker than the time I walked on Jason workin the gherkin
by GonzoPunch February 10, 2009
A cocksucker of such amazing talent that one believes she could suck a snooker ball up 20 ft of wavin pipe
Damn look at that hot bitch I bet she could suck a snooker ball up 20 ft of wavin pipe.
by Gonzopunch February 09, 2009
When you put your balls up someone's ass but leave your dick out so you can jack off on their back.
:oh man Why's your shirt all wet?
:Someone stuck their balls up my ass but left their dick out so they could jack off on my back.
:That sucks, you got a full ass sticky back
by GonzoPunch February 09, 2009
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