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A do-over shot in golf, synonymous with "mulligan," invented and perfected by former US President Bill Clinton. Clinton, who professed to play by the rules of golf repeatedly as president, routinely takes as many as 100 extra shots per 18 holes of golf, according to the bestselling book, "First Off the Tee," by Don Van Natta Jr. The way Mr. Clinton does it is this: He tees off twice, or even three times, off a tee, then gets out to the fairway and asks his playing partners which ball was his first shot. This is the shot he is supposed to play. Inevitably, his playing partners point to the ball closest to the flag, and often that is Mr. Clinton's second or third tee shot. A billigan is a do-over golf shot awarded by complicit fellow golfers who act as co-conspirators in the act of cheating.
Mr. Clinton was in an especially frisky mood the day he played at Pebble Beach, treating himself to 100 Billigans but carding an impressive 79.
by Golf maven April 25, 2005
Gambling every last nickel, til there's none left
Fat Rich is sick -- he went to the track and plunged-his-brains-out. I had to lend him bus fare home, then he was back the next day. He found another thousand somewhere, maybe under the mattress.
by Golf maven May 29, 2005
1. A term of endearment, often expressed by members of mop-top haired boy bands, but rarely publicly. Often said moments before orgasm.
2. From that Beatles record
Hey, beautiful, come here, snuggle up... koo-koo-ka-chooka-koo-koo-ka-choo!
by Golf maven April 26, 2005
The odd sensation of loving a sporting team so much that you lose all perspective.
My mate is so fanfooked for Man U -- it's all he can think and dream about. Too bad they finished third.
by Golf maven May 29, 2005
1. Describes the feeling one gets when a poker opponent hands you an enormous stack of chips on a horrible play.
"Shipalicious," DJ muttered as he flipped over a nut flush and the donkey, with a single lame pair, was forced to push £2,000 in chips across the table.
by Golf maven March 16, 2007
Trying hard to be cool, in an ostentatioius or overly obvious way, usually with style of dress but also can include mannerisms or behavior.
Man, look at the fandango outfit that he's wearing -- it's pathetic. Did he have to go for the sequins, too?
by Golf maven May 07, 2005

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