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1 definition by GoldenKaos

1. Greek God of War, known as Mars in Latin, and features heavily in Greek mythology (suprise, suprise) and also in popular culture, e.g. God of War, Spartan Total Warrior, DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

2. Ares Galaxy, a peerless p2p file sharing program, although I prefer bittorrent myself.

3. Hardcore fighting korean manga (manhwa) roughly based on ancient rome, concentrating on the main character, Ares, and the wars that envelop the fictional lands. Very good and fluent fighting sequences occur throughout.
1. "So, while Athena was the name of the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Ares was the Greek God of War."

"The same Ares who joined the Avengers?"

"More or less."

2. "I just downloaded about six albums of music from a torrent."

"Cool, which p2p program did you use, Bittorrent?"

"Nah, Ares."

3. "I've just finished reading a really good mystery manga, but I could do with a battle one next. Do you know of a good hardcore battle manga?

"Ares is a pretty good one, but it's Korean, so you read it left to right."
by GoldenKaos April 12, 2010
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