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The colloquial term for 'ejaculation.'
A: {watching pornographic material}
B:{speaking to C}"Check out that guy, he's having an ejakky."
C: That is inappropriate and unprefferable to watch.
B: I concur.
by Gohn Gardenza November 03, 2007
M is a Fritz Lang film released in 1931. It is believed to be potray serial killer Peter Kurten. It is set in Berlin. The killer kills children and leads the police and whole town on a pain-staking chase.
M is a fantastic film by Fritz Lang.
by Gohn Gardenza August 24, 2007
The process of defocating faeces.
A: Extreme pain is sometime involved when contracting the dump (faecal matter)Dumping.
by Gohn Gardenza November 03, 2007
Macca is a legend.
Refer to maccer
Macca is such a legend everyone knows macca is a legend
by Gohn Gardenza January 25, 2008
Standing for "Money taking unhappy guy". It is an abbreviation for this very uncommonly used term.
'Yo whassup dog?'
"Oh, you know, just stickin' it to da $%(_."
by Gohn Gardenza December 26, 2007
A padding sentence used as a replacement for 'Um'.
Light Umpads include: "Yeah" and "Well"
Medium Umpads include: "Yeah, Well" and "Now, the thing is"
Hefty Umpads include: "Well now, look here, the thing is"
And for the extreme padding, when you have no idea what you want to say: "Well now, look here would you, you see the thing is"

Umpads are a sure fire protection from the ineloquency of 'Ums' and are sure to protect you from criticism.
Reporter: "And exactly what is the proposed law?"
Politician: "Well now, look here would you, you see the thing is; the law is still currently in progress and I'm unable to give a thorough description as to its overall repercussions."
Cameraman: "Nice fucking umpadding."
by Gohn Gardenza December 08, 2008
When a man has sexual intercourse with a baguette, then removes the baguette off his cock and adds the usual condiments and has it as a wholesome lunch, dinner or brunch. {NOT A BREAKFAST FOOD}
A; I ran out of things to eat yesterday..
B; and...
A; so I had a cum baguette
B; Oh yeah, I luv cum baguettes
A; I like cheez
B; I do not
A; So did you watch 'Hot Hookers' last night?
B; Nah, I just had a cheez cum baguette (which I don't like) and consoled my self to sleep.
A; I like cheez
B; But I did tape Hot Hookers and I plan to watch it tonight. I might have a cum baguette from the reapings.
A; I do like a good cum baguette
B; As do I, without the cheez.
A; I like cheez..
A; And cum baguettes
B; I just like cum baguettes
A; Well you're just an anti-cheezite
B; That was a bad spoonerism
A; But I do like a good cum baguette
B; Well I'll see you tomorrow
A; Yeah
B; Cum baguette you later
A; Yeah, right back at you bra
B; So I'll ring you
A; Yeah, right after I have my cum baguette for breakfast
B; HEY, you can't have a cum baguette for breakfast
A; Why not?
B; Coz it ain't a breakfast food
A; I guess not, I'll just have a piece of cum toast instead
B; That's disgusting

by Gohn Gardenza January 25, 2008

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