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A padding sentence used as a replacement for 'Um'.
Light Umpads include: "Yeah" and "Well"
Medium Umpads include: "Yeah, Well" and "Now, the thing is"
Hefty Umpads include: "Well now, look here, the thing is"
And for the extreme padding, when you have no idea what you want to say: "Well now, look here would you, you see the thing is"

Umpads are a sure fire protection from the ineloquency of 'Ums' and are sure to protect you from criticism.
Reporter: "And exactly what is the proposed law?"
Politician: "Well now, look here would you, you see the thing is; the law is still currently in progress and I'm unable to give a thorough description as to its overall repercussions."
Cameraman: "Nice fucking umpadding."
by Gohn Gardenza December 08, 2008
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