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A follower of Timothy. In the Bible, Paul wrote letters to Timothy as if Timothy would be alive on earth in the later days. Pseudopigrapha, prewritten Christian and Jewish text, suggest Timothy is the 13th apostle of Jesus Christ that would judge the world, and teach the true Gospel of Christ in the later days. This is why the 13 is considered a unlucky number. It would mean the end of many religious leaders and teachers. It simply means someone who believes Timothy and his teachings.
In 1985 Timothy Allen Campbell saw Jesus Christ in the flesh and wrote, "The Gospel of Timothy". He started the Timothean Religion which can be found on the Internet as a religion of fiction. However, the religion is not fiction to Timothy or his followers. The last person on earth who claims to have seen Jesus, is Joseph Smith who started the Mormon religion.
by GoTimothy August 10, 2011
A pacifist. Person who doesn’t believe in guns. Person who trusts in God, rather than guns. Person who does not own a gun.
I am a NoGun'er

My interest are karaoke, basketball and NoGun.

My second amendment opinion, nogun.
by GoTimothy August 14, 2011

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