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-You're tagged in at least 100 pictures together BUT You don't even know their major...

The friends that you make in college or university ..that you only see once its Thursday night and you're intoxicated.
Rachel-oh my god!!, you're so cool.... i like love youuuuuu

Thursday Friend- you're the greatest person i have ever met ..why don't we ever hang out?

Rachel- yah lets HANG OUT TOMORROW

next day...

Thursday Friend-hey

*awkwardly walk past each other in the halls*
by GoNadzz November 28, 2010
When a ,once, well kept secret gets spilled to a large number of people.
Taylor- yo where the hell is Britney?, haven't seen her since that kegger.

Lily-that bitch bailed since the story about her blowing our gym teacher in the 5th grade got wiki leaked.
by GoNadzz December 05, 2010
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