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The son of another jerk
G.B senior is a jerk
by GoDLeSs March 30, 2003
- Small person
- Dwarf
- alchoolic
- unlucky person that alway get hoe for Girlfriend
- This bud for you
- Taller than mitaine?
by GoDLeSs March 30, 2003
How to say to a chick she fuckable
you're increfuckable daisy!
by GoDLeSs March 30, 2003
weapons used by n00b who think they own when they play CS
omg, i got newbified by another awp... why dont you use colt or ak mofo?
by GoDLeSs April 05, 2003
-A guy who drink too much
-A canadian Jackass
-A Party Boy
-A jerk
-A loud Belcher
bibi, stop drinking, you act like a jerk
by GoDLeSs March 30, 2003

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