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The victim hat is not a real hat, it is metaphorical. Those who "wear the victim hat" are those who complain that whatever "pain" and "suffering" they are experiencing is caused by the actions of another person or another group of people. This usually results in a demand of compensation (in some form or another) by the one who feels that he or she is victimized, from the one(s) that is causing the victimization.
"Oh dear, I just spilled McDonald's hot coffee and burned myself. Now I will sue them." - Wearing the victim hat
by Gleasonator February 05, 2009
A game of catch played using an imaginary ball.
No matter how many times I played shadow ball, I could never once just catch the goddamn ball.
by Gleasonator December 29, 2011
An individual in a group of three who is forced to sit alone in the back seat of a vehicle.
Sorry Frank, Jimmy got shotgun. You have to be the back seat bitch.
by Gleasonator August 02, 2011
Forcing oneself to appear to be social in order to survive society.
Despite my social inadequacies, I have learned to communicate with people when I have to. I'm not very social, but I'm great at being fauxcial.
by Gleasonator January 16, 2012
A night in which a parent, guardian, servant, or spouse does not provide food for his or her beneficiaries.
Timmy: "Mom, what's the plan for dinner tonight?"
Mom: "It's fend-for-yourself-night. Better go get yourself food."
by Gleasonator January 16, 2012
The act of urinating while sitting down. Usually done to avoid spraying piss outside of the toilet bowl.
David, you'd better fucking bitchpiss in there. Last time I had to spend ten minutes wiping urine off of my floor.
by Gleasonator June 24, 2011
Tea which is rolled in cigar rolling paper with the intention of being smoked.
Desperate for a smoke, Johnny attempted to roll his own green tea teagar, which collapsed in his hands and spilled all onto his carpet.
by Gleasonator January 26, 2012

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