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One who loves music, oftenly referred to as a "band geek". Has a lot of friends, but they always pick on him. Vankempen's usually start out with all the girls then lose all of them at once.
Vankempen- I LOVE SAXAPHONES!!!!

Everyone-We know!!
by Gk28 April 03, 2010
The Now Amazing Person That Killed Robert Pattinson's Butt In "Remember Me."
Robert Pattinson-The Twin Towers Are Very Clean Today

Usama Bin Laden- Those Stupid Americans Think That I Am Trying To Kill America!! Hahaha!! Eat This Robert Pattinson!!!!!
by Gk28 March 19, 2010
Verb- Meaning to Pughkeepsie something or someone, usually a teletubby, such as Po.

Noun- A Poughkeepsie is a display of terroristic gore usually afflicted upon Teletubbies, such as Tinkie Winkie

Adjective- To be poughkeepsie-ish, or to have the ability to harshly poughkeepsie.

Proper Noun- A Town In New York known for murders involving bird men.
The man is poughkeepsying the green and oragne teletubby.

The three poughkeepsies had fun at the beach yesterday

The poughkeepsie bird person is attacking the bunny with a scooter

In the town Poughkeepsie, a teletubby was attacked (again).
by Gk28 March 20, 2010
An 11 Year Old, 3 Foot Tall Girl That Posted Videos On Youtube of him singing from a contest (that he didn't win) and was found by Justin Timberlake because Timberlake thought that Justin Bieber would make a good boyfriend for Usher, but to hide their gay-ness, Bieber was instructed to sing songs about love and the one perfect girl (how original).
Girl Listening to Justin Bieber in Her Room- Baby, baby, baby ooohhhhhh...OMG He is such a hottie!!!

Mom Walks Into Girl's Room- Wow Suzie That Little Girl Has An Adorable Voice!!!!
by Gk28 March 19, 2010

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