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A nutcase, often found browsing in New Age stores. There is a dispute among philologists whether the term originally referred to those who looked like birds or those feeding the birds.
Dude, I went to that alternative practitioner you recommended. What a bird person.

That protest sucked, just a bunch of bird people handing out vegan stew.
by bird-man May 05, 2008
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Not a cat person or a dog person. Bird person loves freedom more than anything. She/he is loyal and faithful for her/his partner for entire of her/his life and she/he are obviously very much in love.
A: Sylvia is an flight attendant. She loves to travel and her job so much. There are a lot of guys try to win Sylvia's heart but they cannot. She always in love with Benjamin.
B: Awww she is such a bird person. And how about Benjamin? Does he ever cheat on her once?
A: Never once. He also is a bird person.
B: Awww that's so sweet.
by PhiloThinker June 14, 2014

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