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11 definitions by Gizwidget

Reading material to be held in one hand.
My right hand has doubled its strength since i deicovered pornography!
by Gizwidget January 25, 2007
A place where they won't let kids buy Halo, but selling shotguns to every redneck who hobbles in there is perfectly moral and acceptable.
Wal-Mart Employee: Sorry son, This here rule book says I can't sell ya this here TV-game thingy, but how 'bout I show you our fine selection of shotty-guns?
by Gizwidget April 15, 2007
An awesome show with a kickass themesong until cartoon network came and reanimated it, changed the themesong so it was some stupid techno rave thing that didn't even mention splinter (by far the coolest martial arts sensei who like renaissance artwork who is also a rat), and basically ripped the show's balls off.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: We're by far the coolest turtles skilled in different weapons who are named after renaissance writers and have a kickass theme song.

Cartoon Network: Well we just bought your rights and now you're all lame now!

TMNT: Noooooooo! We are a buncha mo-fos now!

Me: Fuckin' A!
by Gizwidget February 13, 2007
(Yet)another word for sex.
Sex is like math, add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and pray that you don't multiply!!
by Gizwidget March 27, 2007
An awesome game that is fun to play and easy to learn.
Also the one game you won't pwn your girlfriend at.
No matter how much you want your girlfriend to share your interests, don't show her world of warcraft. In a week she'll be lvl 70 and you'll be the one telling her to get off!
by Gizwidget March 26, 2007
What ruined music. MTV killed jazz, murdered rock, raped hip hop, and brought emo from the underground to the mainstream (the equivalent of unleashing the black plague). Tells you to stick it to the man while MTV is a corporate organization, (i.e. "the man" in its truest form).

The only good thing that came from MTV was Jackass
by Gizwidget January 17, 2008
the fear of fear itself.
Franklin Roosevelt had phobiphobia
by Gizwidget March 26, 2007