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The form that bubs takes on when he accidentally flushed himself down the toilet while shaving. He grew 100 ft high and shouted "Don't Eat My Chicken Wings!!!"
King Bubsgonzola! KingKing Bubsgonzola! Supreme!!!
by Gizwidget March 18, 2007
1The combination of my gym lock in 6th grade (no kidding!)
2The dimensions of a stacked female
1When my gym lock was stolen in 7th grade, i found my one from 6th grade and used that one instead

2 DAAAAAAMN!! THAT HOE'S 36 24 36!!!!!
by Gizwidget March 18, 2007
Bunkake is a Japanese custom where a naked woman is strapped to the ground and five or more men masturbate on her. She must then drink every last drop of cum sprayed on her face or get whipped and burned after she is gangraped
(Bunkake literally translates to SPLASH! in Japanese)
Japanese guy 1: anata no imooto wa doko desu ka
Japanese guy 2: nemasu.
Japanese guy 1: bunkake ji?
Japanese guy 2: Hai, baka! Bunkakemashou!

"where's your little sister?"
"bunkake time?"
"Yeah, dumbass, let's bunkake!"
by Gizwidget January 25, 2007
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