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3 definitions by GizGaz

ZADR is a lovely acronym for Zim and Dib Romance/Relationship. It has it's roots deep in... well, people trying to find out how to say 'hot human/alien sex inside' while still staying PG ;P. No, seriously, it came out of just slash culture and a bunch of other crap besides. I still stick by the definition above, though. It tends to be shounen-ai, if not blatant yaoi. Some of it IS good though.
'ZaDR writers unite!'
by GizGaz March 25, 2005
Only the most intelligent homicidial maniac ever. Created by Matt Groening... tried to kill Bart, Selma, Krusty... many people, actually. See above.
'AAAAAH! SIDESHOW BOB!' 'Oh, we've been through so much together... just call me Bob.' 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! BOB!'
by GizGaz August 05, 2005
Slash fanfiction for the series YuGiOh involving Yami no Yugi and Yami no Bakura. Usually mindless lemon, but I've seen it done well. But... They have tried to kill each other on numerous occasions. They'd at least be in denial, and unlikely to be shrieking 'My gawd, Pharoah, you're so sexy! Take me to your bedroom!' any time soon.

It doesn't mean it'll never happen though... >XD
' All those fangirls over there are working on a collaboration darkshipping thing, a drabble collection. Lord protect us.'
by GizGaz August 05, 2005