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This is a ""cop out" phrase you use if you've done something absolutely terrible. However, whatever you did probably isn't worse than the stupid sh*t Kanye does on a daily basis.
"You are a son of a bitch, you slapped a child, and stole a cop car while high on PCP"
"Yeah, well at least I'm not Kanye West"

"I can't believe you, You clubbed a baby seal, then drove over it in a Hummer H2"
"Well at least I'm not Kanye West"
"Sh*t you're right, next round is on me!" - Al Gore
by GitzMoney December 07, 2010
This is a phrase for when you're extremely pissed off. You're so pissed off, you start pissing out skittles. Possibly even the ones you bought at the movie theater for $17.
I was dancing with this girl at the club until Justin Bieber cut in, I was pissing skittles.

Kim Kardashian told me that she was pregnant with another man's baby, I was straight (str8) pissing skittles.

Megan Fox told me she has herpes, I'm pissing skittles, literally.
by gitzmoney January 09, 2011

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