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The word is involved in a joke:

<Dude> What do you call the area between the pussy and the ass?
<man> what?
<Dude> Taint. Taint ass. Taint pussy>
<man> why is it there?
<Dude> So you can carry it around like a six-pack
The area between the twat and the rectal sphinctor.
by Gito man June 03, 2005
Another name for liquor
<dude> YO man, you picking up some licq for the party tonight?
<man> ya dude, we be getting fucking right ripped.
by Gito man June 03, 2005
The Liquor Store LCBO.
<MAN> Yo dude we going to the Lickbox before the party tonight?
<DUDE> Yea man, lets get fucking right ripped
by Gito man June 02, 2005
A word used to describe a person that is overly haggard, dry (drunk and high) or completely out of it
<man> Yo man you killed of that 26'er last night to yourself eh
<dude> Yea man i was so done
by Gito man June 02, 2005
A sick TV show, where bikers giver, get er done and pull of some amazing trials, urban, downhill and freestyle riding.
<man> you dude, did you watch Drop In last night?
<dude> yea man it was sick.
by Gito man June 03, 2005
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