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She is one beautiful and sexy blondine. But don't forget, she can make you or break you! And what do you think, there is even more, she is a really good dancer! Oh amd watch your black man cause she can get them all! But lets not forget she is a sweet caring, confident, and kind person everybody likes.
Dude 1: wow look at this girl taking over the dancefloor!
Dude 2: yeah man! she must be a Jannieke!
by GirlTalk October 23, 2013
For Males: Musicals represent the internal struggle between wanting to make the girlfriend happy, and the complete soundness of mind and body.

For Females: Musicals are tests to see to what extent the boyfriend figure will put himself through to do something for you.


A punishment for a behavior unwanted by the girlfriend, wife, fiance, exc.
The felamle punished her boyfriend by taking him to a musical.
by Girltalk January 28, 2007

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