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-The worst series of books every printed. a waste of trees. They say that the book is for young teens, and that we are all stupid for liking twilight. well I am 13, and I hate it. And yes I know what real literature is. I've read little woman, a tree grows in brooklyn, many more.
Bella, one of the main characters, SUCKS. She has no real personality, with no character growth. She is a clumsy person, who whines, and can't d anything for herself. She is average looking, and she is just down right dependent on everyone but her self. She is like a pet gold fish, except goldfish are way cooler.

Edward, a creepy stalkerish pale bloodsucker. The only reason Bella "loves" him is because of his looks(superficial, right?) and he sparkles (tell me that doesn't make him gay, huh?) he is like 109 years old, Still goes to highschool(?) and is in love with a clumsy dumb teenager.
he watches her sleep and even stands out side her house. he "loves" Bella because of her smell (fishy, huh?) . But, just to clarify, Edward only feasts on animal blood, Not humans. he is a Good vampire (he still sucks in my mind) (get it, SUCKS!)

Jacob- is actually okay. he is a werewolf, who for somereason loves bella (dumb much?)

Alice- edwards sister, she is okay too
Cullens-Sparkling "vamps"

All in All Save yourself the time and don't read twilight or the rest of the sega.
ie.of a conversation with a twilight series lover

TwilightFan-OMG! I Luhove twilight! edward is Such a great BF! OMG Bella is like so lucky! and Like edward is like really hot and he is nice and like protective.

AnyOneWithARealBrain- Uh, Bella really doesn't do anything, and edward is really controlling. They both have no real personality.

TwilightFan-what are U talking about? I mean like twilight was like the best book I ever read! and like the best movie.

AnyOneWithARealBrain- Twilight was probably the ONLY book you've ever read. If you could even call it that.

TwilightFan- STFU! Twilight is uh-mazing and you like no it.
by GirlWithSense December 29, 2009

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