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Five minutes after cleaning your carpet floor there is already dirt, lent, and hair on it. The only way to get rid of this condition is by burning your carpet.
Jim - Wow man how do you keep your carpet soooo clean?
John - ha, its clean now but wait five minutes i have a horrible case of carpetrification!
Jim - Dude thats horrible, I use to have the same problem but i ended up burning my carpet.
John - yeah i heard that's what you had to do.
by Giordano (Moogan) June 26, 2008
The act of looking stupid, dumb, ignorant, dumpy, lazy, retarded, not smart (under any circumstances), or just plain out gay.

Nicholas:God Damn it, John had a look of stuparitism all the way threw that meeting. I could bearly keep my laughter contained!
by Giordano (Moogan) June 29, 2008
(chip+(k noise)+wow) What you yell rediculously loud after getting a head shot in COD4. Only if you've gotten a head shot and you have a mic.
(Sec8)Moogan666(headshot symbol)(enemy name)
Me - chipa-ka-wow I'm beasting
by Giordano (Moogan) June 26, 2008

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