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The typically small breasts of teenage girls requested for webcam by boys on web forums, bb's, etc.
1. OMGZ sho us ur bewbz0rz or gtfo
by Ginzso December 21, 2008
feces in a place that it clearly doesn't belong (i.e. ceiling fan, shirt pocket, your grandfather's favorite coffee mug).
(noun)Ex.2: Why the hell is there pewpy on the walls of the women's bathroom?

(noun)Ex.1: Keep fuckin with me, and when you wake up in the morning; bam! fuckin pewpy all in your cereal boxes.

(verb): Wait until she finds out i pewpied in her winter coat's pocket!
by Ginzso July 22, 2008
A sex term in alternative lifestyle groups meaning to take a dump into someone's hand, and that person mashing it into the face of another. Also commonly used slang within same circles to mean someone who probably has pewpy mashed into their face often.
You probably want to duck if you see a french wafflemaker coming your way.
by Ginzso June 23, 2008
common term in the world of warcraft most typically meaning to do damage, or perform a combat action.

2. stfu and tank pew pew sunder, pew pew last stand

3. you're a mage, it's all pew pew from 2miles away

by Ginzso July 10, 2008

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