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John and Edward are contestants in the 2009 Series of X Factor. They are often booed by the audience because they "Cannot sing" and always avoid the final 2. Their mentor is Louis Walsh, who put them into the final for publicity, and, because they are Irish. A lot of people throughout the country hate the duo, but no matter how much people hate them, they are still getting votes. If they win the competition, Simon Cowell will leave the country.
Teenage girl: Jesus Christ not these again! I want a hot group not these Irish jokers!

Guy: Oh my god who are these idiots? Oh wait, John and Edward! I'm sorry guys, i thought it was someone else! You're awesome! *Gets hit in face by girlfriend*
by GimpyWimpy November 01, 2009
To do particulary well in an event, race or competition, or just to do something right. Only to be said by one who plays a lot of Call of Duty: World at War or is exposed to it a lot.
1) Commentator: Usain Bolt wins the race!
Me at home: Outstanding Marines!

2) Teacher: Jimmy, you won the colouring competition!
Little brother of CoD Nerd: Outstanding Marines!

3) Reznov: They come for our blood, but drown in their own!
My friends in my Call of Duty party: Outstanding Marines!
by gimpywimpy October 27, 2009
When a man is in an aggressive, randy mood and when is refused sex, slaps his willy about everywhere like a huge fit
'My dad willywhacked the table last night after my mom refused him sex'
by GimpyWimpy April 07, 2009
When you hoburger someone, you either eat them out or you have a titwank with them, it only works well with mums and ho's
'I met your mum last night and I hoburgered her good, it was very tasty'
by GimpyWimpy April 07, 2009

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