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16 definitions by Gimli

Lesbian, one who exhibits the qualities of a lesbian. One who by definition of a lesbian prefers sexual fulfillment from another woman's genitalia (slang. carpet ) The term laid (to lay) is applied to carpet resulting in carpet layer.
Those women holding hands over there must be carpet layers!
by Gimli July 09, 2003
1)An exclamation of delight. 2)When something hits the spot or fulfills a need. 3)Superlative, Overstating the significance of something's worth.
Right johnny good, you are fine!
Oatmeal cookies sound right johnny good!
That smacktard thinks he's right johnny good
by Gimli July 09, 2003
When masturbating once wasn't enough.
Go away, rebate'n
by Gimli June 25, 2009
noun. A knogle that results in a substantial loss of blood. See also knogle
Removing my Radeon 8500 led to a gushing bleeding knogle. I'm buying a higher quality computer case.
by Gimli August 02, 2004
verb. The action of scraping one's fingers, hands or knuckles on a sharp edge or corner inside a computer case while removing a device such as a PCI card or drive power cable. This is usually caused by parts being difficult to remove requiring such an application of force that once the object gives the hand pulling upon it is whipped across the interior of the computer case typically resulting in multiple lascerations. A bleeding knogle occurs if the injury (injuries) result in a substantial amount of blood loss.
I knogled myself removing a Kitchen Sync dual time-base corrector from my Amiga 2000 the other day requiring the use of a bandaid. (true story!)
by Gimli August 02, 2004
The act of ejection.
The VCR ejectilated the videocassette. My Bowner ejectilated!
by Gimli July 09, 2003
The makers of overpriced printers and crash happy computer systems.
Duuude, you're getting an HP, Duuuuude, you got rocked!
by Gimli July 15, 2003