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A complex amalgamation of fabric and rubber in which to protect your feet from tiny stones and nails that may just happen to be lying on the ground.

Much better than sandals.
Wearing shoes makes you lustful to the opposite sex.
by Giltia January 07, 2006
A factory in which small foreign children are forced to work tirelessly for little to no pay in order to save money for fat American buisnessmen.
Man: Nike products are made in sweat shops!
Woman: I can't believe its not butter!
by Giltia January 07, 2006
The ULTIMATE black stereotype.
Black guy: *crappy attempt at rap*
White guy: My god, all black people must like rap!
Other white go: Is that so?
White guy: Indeed!
Blonde girl: I believe this stupid stereotype because I'm blonde!
White guy: Oh the wit, ANOTHER stereotype!
Englishman: Guffaw!
by Giltia December 22, 2005
A wrestling taunt used to foreshadow the numerous extremely homosexual grapples to follow. Some of which are painful.
Get ready for an ORGY OF PAIN!!!
by Giltia May 05, 2008
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