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17 definitions by Gillian

a term used 2 discribe a poo poo, or someone that is being really annoying!
"see you ya wee jobby, im gonne bust you"
by gillian July 24, 2003
12 9
of or relating to someones crazy older sister and secret language of which they speak. espeake de language. other family members consist of smuther (mom) biffidus (other sister) and papatuya (dad). usually spoken in stange baby squeek voice.
1.We ARE the crazy siegels and this is how we speak: spina u stole my toast!
by gillian May 03, 2004
6 5
From the verb "to sponge", spongigation refers to an act of sponging from established groups or organisations, most commonly parents.
Those students, won't they ever tire of indulging in ruthles spongigaton?..."
by Gillian October 12, 2003
0 1
COOL, SMART, INTELLUCTUAL, LIKES TO HANG AROUND, pretty much the coolest person in the planet
Gillian T is the best!!!

n don't front (DENY)
by gillian February 07, 2004
25 27
describes something which is disgusting and horrible.
ewwww, that pizza is minkin
by Gillian January 31, 2005
9 12
A state of excitment! <3
"Oh shit, rattlebee!"
by gillian August 09, 2004
1 4
dick head
Billy, you are such a jillipolla
by Gillian January 29, 2004
8 18