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17 definitions by Gillian

a promiscuous man/woman/transgender/transvestite-as told by micah.
micah u are such a slut bag, all of the days
by gillian May 03, 2004
i could have you but i dont want you, someone telling you that u are either not wanted, unattractive, that u too dont have good chemestry? in all the definitions above it is, a SHUTDOWN, sorry u obscenely unfortunate little person.
¿hey mike wanna go to the movies on saturday?
Biatch! i could buy you and sell you! (giggles, cool-ly, with friends)
by gillian April 30, 2004
A Hebrew girl dating a Jewish boy with little matchmaking skills, but we still all love her!
Ewelina loves the 80-pund son of a preacher man
by Gillian April 09, 2005