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Getting wasted on the expense of your virgin credit card, and not even considering paying any of it back.
(EL) Hey Gilli are you coming out tonight ??? (Gilli)nah dude i got no cash !! (EL)fuck that "Chuck it on Branson" (Gilli) Yeah no doubt, Branson's good for it.
dont worry boys "Branson's got this round"
by Gilli83 June 19, 2007
Used when fishing or camping like tieing fishing knots or lighting a fire, pointing something out and directions . Can be used by themselves.
Lee, give me that hook and ill tie a nice little coytie knot on it and we can fish over in that hoytie coytie spot that Brendan told me about. Give me a match and ill get this hoytie coytie roaring in no time. turn leftie hoytie just up the road here.
by Gilli83 May 23, 2007

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