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3 definitions by Giffer2

The use of LOL via email/SMS/Facebook/Twitter etc all the time no matter if it's in context or not - So serious that the user doesn't even know they use it.
All these show LOL Syndrome -

Facebook status - Joe is having a drink LOL

Email - How are you? LOL

SMS - I'm not too bad, had a car accident LOL

Twitter - Why are there so many adverts LOL
by Giffer2 December 11, 2009
The amount of anti-beauty a person has - the opposite of millihelen

Based on the Grotbag's scale (UK TV Star)
Not that she is ugly, but she has so many milligrots that no matter how much beer you have, she will never be attractive.
by Giffer2 April 07, 2005
The act of throwing a kettle full of boiling water into someone's face if they've done something wrong.
He punched me last night in the pub, I gave him a kettlin this morning and he won't be doing that again.

My girl wouldn't call me Nate the Dawg so I gave her a kettlin.
by Giffer2 June 18, 2009