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English generic term to mean 'a cup of tea'. This phrase was shortened to a cup of, and hence 'a cuppa'.
"ya want anyfink ta drink darlin'?"
"yeah please, i'll 'ave a cuppa."
by Gibbo April 21, 2005
Noobie-boobie is a laffable term used by sarcastic anti-internetspeak people to mean noob/newb/nuub etc. noob
"U DON'T KNOW WAT A TP IS??!?!?!? AAAAAHAHAHA U NOOBIE-BOOBIE!!!!!1111!!!11oneoneone
by Gibbo April 20, 2005
no doubt
no dizzy my nizzy
by Gibbo March 06, 2004
The act in which a man places the nosel of a hose into his lady friend's hamper and then turns it on to maximum power.
That bitch never saw that puffel coming.
by gibbO July 22, 2004
a word used for anything,
oi drake burl me that
by Gibbo September 02, 2003
Read backround written by Weeabix. But can also mean "for sure, my nizzle"
"Can i hav a puff?"
"Fo' shizzle ma nizzle!"
by Gibbo April 20, 2005
In the far east a lady's vagina is considered as her hamper
I placed a wad of butter inside morag's hamper.
by gibbO July 22, 2004
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