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An outcast. A social leper. A person shunned from society.
In high school, that guy was a total rancher.
by Ghost July 27, 2003
To drive your car in such a manner as to invite a street race, especially in another area that is commonly known to be ruled by another particular car. Used by gearheads.

also: protruding, protruder
Hey man, that Mustang is totally protruding in Jimmy-Z's turf, where is he?
by ghost July 31, 2003
1. A person that charges you full price at your local bar
2. A person of jewish decent that charges you full price at any establishment.
3. A roommate/friend that charges you full price for drinks that you didn't ask for at a local establishment, namely Bennigan's.
<Radames>Dude, I went to Bennigan's and asked Lance for a Sprite. He gave me two Crown and Gingers, then charged me for three of them. What a fucking Full Price Jew.
<Boston>JEW CLAW!!
by Ghost February 05, 2005
a chick so ugly she looks like she tried to commit suicide Cobain style.
That chick is shotgun dude....
by Ghost March 24, 2005
someone who "swallows the wrong way"
That cuk didn't know what she was doing.
by ghost December 07, 2004
the ability to turn invisible
The apparition turned Doth after all the commotion we put forth.
by Ghost August 06, 2003
A fake thug. Cross between a gangsta and a wanksta
"Yo, you twag. You talk da shit u cant walk da shit u twag"
by Ghost June 17, 2006
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