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Noun. Acronym; means "Flat as a Board". Refers to an extremely flat chested women. Usually used negativly.
Verb. Describes an extremely flat chested women.
Can also be spelled faab, FAAB.

Prounounced like "fab" in fabulous.
Yeah, Elizabeth, she is a complete F.A.A.B.
by Ghettodude October 23, 2005
Southern Maryland. Opposite of NOVA (Northern Virginia). Often used when being more specific than DC, but less than the actual county of residence (ie, Montgomery County).
Guy 1: Where did you move from again?
Guy 2: Dc
Guy 1: Awsome, me too! What part?
Guy 2: SOMA
Guy 1: Dude, I'm from NOVA.
by Ghettodude August 01, 2006
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